Our suite of services are designed to inform, promote, and connect our members as they work to improve people’s lives in general.

Be connected with potential clients for your product or service in Thailand or in the World market.

The database will provide you with information of business contacts of the targeted suppliers who may likely provide you with their product or service in your production. The contact details include the name of the company, office address, telephone and fax numbers, name of pertinent company officer and his e-mail address and if available their website.

The service will provide a database of business contacts recommended distributors, partners, or agents relevant to your business interests-targeting specific companies that have the best potential to be interested in distributing your product. Secondly, we will introduce your company and business interests to target business contacts (by fax e-mail, personal, and website ad) with the purpose of getting their feedback re: their interest on your products. Thirdly, establish business contacts with target business clients that showed interest (4-5 companies). Fourthly, profiling the local companies that have expressed interest to distribute your products. Finally, arrange business meetings between you and the recommended companies.

Be matched with a local partner, whether in the Philippines or in the World.

The market scanning services will provide information concerning the potential market for your product. It will determine the distributors and even possible end-users for your product. It will also include the identities of the competitors in the market. It will provide information about the comparative prices of the competitor products. Finally, arrange a business meeting between you and the recommended companies.

The service extends office space, logistics, and even personnel to a foreign company requesting Thai-Turkish Chamber of Commerce to manage their operation in the country.

Strategic marketing and communication. Members can benefit from promotional events as a way to communicate with current and potential customers.

The TTCC believes that human capital is one of the most important components of a successful business model. It is in this framework that the TTCC has created the TTCC Competency Hub in order to further aid the paradigm shift in viewing training as a crucial investment rather than just another expense. More and more, business success is defined by the education, experience, and capabilities of its human capital. Through the TTCC Competency Hub, TTCC Members are able to access talent management programs that will allow for the continuous improvement of your most important asset: your people.

The TTCC Competency Hub offers programs under three main Program Clusters: (1) Management & Leadership, (2) Professional Development, and (3) Technical Programs.

TTCC Competency Hub Training Programs are also available in-house for corporations who wish to conduct programs for their employees.

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