Thai – Turkish Chamber of Commerce (TTCC), was founded in 2015 as a non-profit business organization by a distinguished group of Thai and Turkish businesspeople in Bangkok. TTCC is a partner of Board of Trade of Thailand, Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand


Building trade bridges and fostering all types of business related activities between Thailand, Turkey, and TTCC’s partner business organizations in 160 countries by creating a network of successful businesspeople and companies. 


By enhancing closer relations, understanding, and cooperation between/among Thai and Turkish entrepreneurs to promote their business, trade or commercial relations among each other.  By this way, business attempts from both sides will come together to build stronger and more solid cooperation that would eventually lead to an economic growth and stability in favor of both countries. Besides, TTCC provides relevant information and assistance to its members in developing and establishing local and international business opportunities. On the basis of business and commerce, TTCC also aims to construct strong cultural ties between the two nations by supporting and encouraging social responsibility projects that serves humanity, welfare, prosperity, and world peace as well. TTCC organizes World Trade Bridge Programs, business forums, trips, and events for the relevant sectors in Thailand and Turkey to create more business opportunities. 


TTCC encourages members to benefit from its partnership and cooperation agreements with several business organizations and chambers in more than 160 countries. Providing TTCC members’ interpretation and guidance consultancy, conducting seminars and webinars to update its members, organizing domestic and international business trips and forums related to various business sectors are other range of services that can be named among TTCC’s activities. TTCC also assists its members to connect with both local and foreign companies and organize Thailand and Turkey Economic Outlook meetings.